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The Club Call is W5NGUThe Club Call is

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The DCARA Repeaters

(as of 01/20/2017)

The Denton County Amateur Radio Association sponsors several repeaters.

Freq. Input Tone Call Site Use Status
146.920 146.320 110.9 W5NGU TWU Guinn Hall Primary ARES Online
145.170 144.570 110.9 W5FKN County EOC General use Online
224.200 222.600 110.9 KE5GDB Rosston Tower General use Online
224.920 223.320 110.9 AF5RS TWU Stark Hall General use Online
444.050 449.050 110.9 W5NGU County EOC Echolink Online
443.525 448.525 118.8 WA5LIE TWU Stark Hall Fusion Digital only Online
441.325 446.325 88.5 W5NGU eCOMM-701/Cleatus Portable As Needed
927.1375 902.1375 131.8 W5FKN Rosston Tower General Use Online
927.6125 902.6125 110.9 W5NGU County EOC General use Online


Freq. Input My Alias Call Site Use Status
145.010 145.010   W5NGU-7 Presby Hospital Packet Digipeater Offline
145.010 145.010 DRMC W5NGU-8 DRMC Hospital Packet Digipeater Offline
144.970 144.970   W5NGU-9 Baylor Hospital Packet Digipeater Offline
145.010 145.010 CDEOC KE5MQQ Denton City EOC   Online
144.970 144.970 LWSVL KE5PHX-1 Lewisville Hospital Packet Digipeater Offline
144.390 144.390   W5NGU-3 TWU Stark Hall APRS Digipeater (igate) Online
144.34 144.34   W5NGU-6 TWU Stark Hall APRS Digipeater (igate) Online
144.390 144.390   W5NGU-4 Rosston Tower APRS Digipeater (igate) Online
144.34 144.34   W5NGU-7 Rosston Tower APRS Digipeater (igate) Online
144.390 144.390   W5NGU-12 eCOMM-701 APRS Tracker Online
440.6625 445.6625   N5LS TWU Stark Hall DMR-MARC CC1 Online
927.6625 952.6625   N5LS TWU Stark Hall DMR-MARC CC 1 Online

RMS Access

Freq. Input Call Site Use Status
144.990 144.990 KC5GOI-1 Rosston Tower Digi for KD5EOC-10 RMS Online
144.990 144.990 KD5EOC-10 County EOC Public RMS GW Online
144.970 144.970 W5NGU-4 TWU Stark Hall Digi for K5YX-10 RMS Online
144.970 144.970 K5YX-10 Little Elm WinLink BBS Online
144.910 144.910 KB5NFT-10 Carrollton WinLink BBS Online


Freq. Input Call Site Use Status
147.450 146.450 W5NGU-C County EOC Digital voice Offline
442.925 447.925 W5NGU-B County EOC Digital voice Online
1293.400 1273.400 W5NGU-A County EOC Digital voice Online
1253.600 1253.600 W5NGU-G County EOC Data access Online
147.490 146.490 KE5YAP-C Rosston Tower Digital voice Online
440.7125 445.7125 KE5YAP-B Rosston Tower Digital voice Online
1293.200 1273.200 KE5YAP-A Rosston Tower Digital voice Online
1259.200 1259.200 KE5YAP-G Rosston Tower Data access Online

Other Area Repeaters

Freq. Shift Tone Call Name
53.1300 -1.0 103.5 N6LXX Rosston Tower
145.2100 -.600 110.9 KB5A Metrocrest ARA-Carrollton
145.4000 -.600 110.9 N5EOC Grapevine
145.4300 -.600 110.9 K5UTD UT Dallas
145.4900 -.600 85.4 WD5U Rosston Tower
146.6200 +.600 110.9 N5ERS Grapevine
147.3800 +.600 110.9 K5LRK LAARK - The Colony
147.5800 N/A N/A KB5A-10 Metrocrest - Winlink GW
224.000 -1.600 110.9 K5LRK LAARK - The Colony
441.3750 +5.0 114.8 KA5R Trophy Club
442.1750 +5.0 110.9 N5EOC Southlake
442.6500 +5.0 110.9 KB5A Metrocrest ARA-Carrollton
443.300 +5.0 110.9 K5LRK LAARK - The Colony
443.7375 +5.0 141.3 N6LXX Rosston Tower
443.8750 +5.0 110.9 N5EOC DFW Airport
444.2250 +5.0 110.9 K5CFD Coppell
444.5125 ** +5.0 123.0 KE5UT Celina
444.7000 +5.0 110.9 N5EOC Southlake
444.8500 +5.0 110.9 N5ERS Grapevine
927.4125 -25.0 432.0 W5DMT Denton
927.8750 -25.0 103.5 N5ERS Grapevine
** Narrow Band (2.5KHz deviation)

Repeater News


Please read the W5NGU Repeater Guidelines before you use the repeater.
W5NGU Repeater Guidelines

Internet Feed

The output of the 146.92 and the 145.17 repeaters are available on the Internet at broadcastify.com.

Regularly Scheduled Nets

Each Monday(except 4th of month) at 8:00 P.M. - Information and Training Net 146.920
Thursday immediately prior to club meeting at 7:30 P.M. - ARES Training Net 146.920
Each Sunday at 2:00 P.M. - Digitally Speaking Net 146.920

Net Control Station startup and shutdown scripts

Scheduled nets on the W5NGU D-Star System are as follows:

Module:B -Sunday------ Start:1855 Stop:1957 REF001C
(International DSTAR Net)

Module:B -Sunday------ Start:1959 Stop:2100 REF002A
(SE Weather Net)

Module:B -Monday----- Start:1955 Stop:2058 REF063C
(Western Pennsylvania DSTAR Net)

Module:B -Monday----- Start:2100 Stop:2330 REF038C
(Raspberry Pi Net)

Module:B -Tuesday---- Start:1955 Stop:2100 REF004B
(Texas DSTAR Net)

Module:B -Tuesday---- Start:2155 Stop:2359 REF012A
(PAPA System DSTAR Tech Net)

Module:B -Wednesday--- Start:2055 Stop:2230 REF014C
(HamNation After-Show DSTAR Net)

Module:B -Thursday-- Start:2025 Stop:2130 REF067B

Module:B -Thursday-- Start:2155 Stop:2359 REF012A
(PAPA System DSTAR Roundtable)

Module:B -Friday- Start:0000 Stop:0200 REF012A
(PAPA System DSTAR Roundtable - continued)

All times are local.

Users may interrupt the link by issuing the standard unlink command.
The user then has 10 minutes to link to another system before the scheduler attempts to re-connect. If the repeater is already linked when the scheduled time rolls around, the scheduler will not interrupt a previously established link unless the timeout period (one hour with no local transmit activity) expires.

D-Star in DCARA

See the DCARA D-Star information here.
See the How-To PDF on D-Star Crossband Repeating with the ID-5100.

Packet, APRS, RMS

The packet radio guidelines have been published as a rough draft.
If you have any questions, direct them to Guy Story,

Packet Radio Guidelines
List of APRS and Packet Nodes dated 22 Aug 2013
Packet map with quadrants & frequencies
Denton County RMS Gateways dated 15 March 2013
ARES training on Packet Radio from July 20, 2006.

Instructions for transferring text files over Packet using HyperTerminal
(RTF Format)  (PDF Format)

The DCARA ICE (In Case of Emergency) Plan (20 Apr 2017)
(Zip File)


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