Date: Sunday April 29, 2007

Time: 1400 HRS (2:00 PM)

Place: C.H. Collins Athletic Center

What: DCARA Transmitter Hunt

The Denton County Amateur Radio Association Transmitter Hunt is scheduled for Sunday April 29, 2007 at 1400 Hours. This activity is open to all interested parties including Amateur Radio Operators, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, and anyone else that may have an inkling to find the hidden transmitter.

You will need to have at minimum a radio that is capable of receiving a signal within the 2 Meter Amateur Band. Other equipment would be Yagi antennas, Doppler Direction Finders, Attenuators, and anything else that you feel you might need.

I have had friends win using a rubber duck antenna, a handheld, and a 4 pound coffee can with one end smashed flat. It works!

I have won transmitter hunts with little more than a mobile transmitter and a simple hand held. These early hunts will be for practice to the more complicated hunts.

Depending on the amount of interest and time remaining we will hide again! So come on out and enjoy an afternoon of Ham Radio FUN!

I would also recommend getting yourself a Denton County Map... We will be working the initial fox in a rural area to prevent signal reflections and challenging navigational turns. Future Transmitter Hunts will be positioned elsewhere within the county and made to be more difficult.

So come on out and have F-U-N!

Eric / KD7CAO