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Club Meeting Presentations

DCARA/LAARK Field Day 2020 Playbook
June, 2020
Severe Weather and Basic Radar Tools
Samiee Espinoza, WX5JMD May, 2020
POTA Presentation Powerpoint
POTA Presentation PDF
Guy Story, KC5GOI April, 2020
On-Air Questions & Answers March, 2020
Grounding and Bonding For Home HF Stations - N0AX - 2020 Ward Silver, N0AX February, 2020
Introduction to Lightning Protection Devices John Yantis, K5JY January, 2020
Show and Tell November, 2019
Social Night - Fun and Games! October, 2019
ARRL Direction and Policy John, N5AUS & Steven, KG5VK September, 2019
CW Ken, AC5EZ & Ken, KD2KW August, 2019
WinLink John, KF5VO July, 2019
Direction Finding and Fox Hunting Robert, N5IKD June, 2019
Digital Modes Tod, WE5TR May, 2019
Fusion and Wires-X Paul, K5VOP April, 2019
DCARA 101 Bob, AF5RS March, 2019
Safety Atmos Engineering February, 2019
Go Kits Tim Staley, K5TGS January, 2019
Kelly's Project is going to be great again: Projects Kelly Roark, KC5AMT November, 2018
Something Good Kelly Roark, KC5AMT October, 2018
SDR Technology Duane Baade, W5PNM September, 2018
Semiportable Multiband Antenna Bob Ballard, KG5SQJ August, 2018
HCOL Kelly Roark, KC5AMT July, 2018
The K3LR Story Tim Duffy, DX Engineering June, 2018
Field Day Preparations Brad Byrd KE5CRZ May, 2018
The History of Collins Radio Scott Kerr, KE1RR April, 2018
Club Auction March, 2018
AllStar Link Network Andrew Koenig, KE5GDB February, 2018
AREDN Live Demo, Open Discussion January, 2018
Hurricane Harvey Support Deployment Roland Asebedo, KD5RZU November, 2017
What's on Kelly's Mind/Philmont Scout Ranch Summer 2017 Kelly Roark, KC5AMT/Dale Finley, KB5NFT October, 2017
Software Defined Radio Duane Baade, W5PNM September, 2017
History of MFJ Martin Jue, K5FLU via Skype August, 2017
DMR Radio, Repeaters, and Network Larry, N5LS & Jason, KC5HWB July, 2017
Antenna Theory and Application David Seals, N5FU June, 2017
Field Day Kelly Roark, KC5AMT May, 2017
Duplexers & Boy Scout Jamboree Andrew, KE5GDB & Dale, KB5NFT April, 2017
Weather Radar Data Acquisition/ Weather Data on Applications Dave, AA5HL/ Andrew, KE5GDB March, 2017
Antenna Problems David Seals, N5FU February, 2017
Section Manager Candidates Brent Boydston, KF5THB Jay Urish, W5GM January, 2017
Antennas David Seals, N5FU November, 2016
146.92 and other DCARA Analog Repeaters Andrew Koenig, KE5GDB October, 2016
National Parks on the Air Daniel Harris, N3BBQ September, 2016
DCARALAN/AREDN Andrew Koenig, KE5GDB August, 2016
AC Power Perry Schrag July, 2016
Introduction to 3D Printing for Amateur Radio Jim Lavin June, 2016
Surplus Auction May, 2016
Super Bowl Repeater Infrastructure Bernie Parker April, 2016
FSQ Operation Paul Newman March, 2016
High Altitude Balloons Andrew Koenig February, 2016
ARRL National Parks on the Air Curtis Hays January, 2016
Show and Tell Multiple presentations November, 2015
Digital Voice Modes Andrew Koenig & Mike Chittenden October, 2015
Foxhunting 101 Andrew Koenig & Mike Chittenden September, 2015
National Preparedness Month Kelly Roark August, 2015
Weather Stations and APRS Andrew Koenig July, 2015
Weather Radar Fundamentals Dave Giba June, 2015
The Mother's Day Flood Eric Gildersleeve May, 2015
GRLevel3 plug-in Andrew Koenig May, 2015 addendum
Repeater Fundamentals Gerald, Matthew, Mike April, 2015
Mobile Radio Mike Nelson February, 2015
Handie-talkies Mike Nelson January, 2015
Radio Go Kits Kelly Roark for Mike Nelson November, 2014
Radio 101 Jerry Garrett October, 2014
Govt Emgcy Telecommunications Service John Dinneen September, 2014
No Presenter August, 2014
The Mesh Kent Weeks July, 2014
The Amateur Radio Hobby, What can I do with it? Kelly Roark June, 2014
Intermodulation Distortion Perry Schrag May, 2014
GRlevel3 Dale Chatham April, 2014
Cable and Connectors Mike Chittenden March, 2014
Bylaw revision discussion Mike Carline February, 2014
Summits On The Air Curtis Hays January, 2014
Raspberry Pi Dale Finley November, 2013
High Altitude Balloon Project John Dinneen October, 2013
Surplus Sale No Presenter September, 2013
Public Safety Kelly Roark August, 2013
DX Clusters
Bike Rally

Ken Rainey
Mike Nelson

July, 2013
Life below 2 Meters Ken Rainey June, 2013
Radar John, K5OUN & Dave, KA5HL May, 2013
Question and answer night No formal presentation April, 2013
EComm701: Past, Present and Future Mike Nelson March, 2013
HSMM-Mesh Rusty Haddock January, 2013
Deed-Restricted Antennas Gene and Mike November, 2012
DFWHRIG Alan Batteinger October, 2012
ARRL HQ Walt Mayfield September, 2012
North Texas Rapid Deploy Communications Assistance Group John Galvin August, 2012
Field Day results Kelly Roark July, 2012
Lightning Protection Laird Taylor June, 2012
PSK31 Operations Jonathan Down May, 2012
Transmission Line Basics Bob Alexander April, 2012
National Traffic System Herman I May March, 2012
Amateur Radio Satellites Keith Pugh February, 2012
ARRL Official Observers Roy Rabey January, 2012
Logo Apparel Ham Threads November, 2011
TX VHF FM Society Andy Carstarphen October, 2011
APRS Brent Willcox & Walt Mayfield September, 2011
APRS Mike Nelson August, 2011
CoServ AMI Kevin Maynard July, 2011
D-Star Brent Willcox June, 2011
D-Star Walt Mayfield May, 2011
PSK31 Jonathan Down April, 2011
HF for Beginners - II Walt Mayfield March, 2011
    February, 2011
HF for Beginners Walt Mayfield January, 2011
Am. Radio at the Communications Coordination Group (CCG) Dave Martin November, 2010
Low Cost Support for VHF/UHF Antennas Richard Burke October, 2010
Emergency Preparedness Walt Mayfield September, 2010
Orbitron and Satellite Tracking Software Bill Krueger August, 2010
Antennas in Deed-restricted Areas Mike Nelson July, 2010
Depiction Software Dale Finley June, 2010
    May, 2010
D*Star Tech Talk Brent Willcox July, 2009
APRS Trackers: A Hardware Recommendation Guide Eric Gildersleeve March, 2007
AMSAT presentation   November, 2006

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