D-Star Gateway Registration Instructions

To register your callsign with the D-Star network, please follow the steps listed below.
NOTE: If you do not live in or near Denton County, TX, please visit www.dstarusers.org to locate a repeater near your location.
  Should you have any problems with registration, please contact .
Please include your name, callsign, and a detailed problem description.

1. Open a web browser and enter https://dstargateway.dcara.net/Dstar.do for the URL.  Notice that you are using https and not http for the prefix and that the letter “D” is capitalized in the word “Dstar.do”.  You will receive a warning similar to the one below. 

Select “Continue to this website” if using Internet Explorer, or “Accept this certificate temporarily for this session” if using Firefox, or “Continue” if using Apple Safari.

The cert error page displayed in Internet Explorer The cert error popup dialog in Firefox

2. You should see the web page shown below.  Click “Register” to begin the New User registration process.

3. You should see the web page shown below.  Click “Register” to begin the New User registration process.  The following web page should be displayed.

4.Click on “Yes” to agree to the registration terms.  Enter your callsign in the Callsign field IN UPPER CASE. Enter your full name in mixed case, and your email address. 
Enter your new password in both fields. Passwords must be at least 8 characters in length and no longer than 16.  Your web page should look similar to the one below (with your personal information shown).  Click “OK” to proceed once finished.

5. Your browser will display the following popup. Click OK to proceed on (Firefox shown)

6. The following web page should be displayed. Click OK. Your registration request has been submitted for approval. The gateway administrator must now log into the system to approve your request. The approval may happen quickly or it may take a day or two depending on how often the adminstrator logs into the system.

Even though the page states you will receive an email when your registration is approved, this functionality is disabled on the gateway, so you will need to periodically attempt to log in following the next step in the procedure to see if your registration is approved yet. (Please be patient with the administrators, we have "real lives" to attend to as well!)

7. You should try to log in periodically to check on the status of your registration.  Use the same URL listed in step 1, https://dstargateway.dcara.net/Dstar.do and use your callsign (IN UPPER CASE) and the password you entered during registration.  If your registration has not been approved by the administrators yet, you'll see the following page:

8. Once your registration has been approved, you will be able to log into the system and configure your personal information.  THIS STEP IS REQUIRED
Once you are logged in, click on “Personal Information” at the right of the page.  You should see a web page similar to the following.

9. Click on the checkbox next to the number “1”.  Then click inside the “Initial” box to the right of your callsign on the same line as the number “1”. 
Type in a single space character. (i.e. press the space bar on your keyboard once)  
This will not show up but is very important. 
Do not click on the “RPT” check box.Click on the pcname field to select it.
In the “pcname” box, enter your callsign in lower case.
All characters in the “pcname” box should be lower case and there should be no spaces.
Your web page should look similar to the following page (with your personal information shown).  When complete, click on “Update”.

Note for ID-1 data users: the "Local IP" you see on this screen is the 10.x.x.x private IP that goes with your call sign.
The previous instructions for setting up the ID-1 for data use still apply.

10. Once you have clicked “Update”, you should see the following popup box (Firefox version shown)

11. Click OK. Your registration is completed now.
Click the Log Out button in the upper right corner to log out of the gateway server.