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The Club Call is W5NGUThe Club Call is

The first two TC70-10 ATV trancsceivers have been received and testing is ongoing. We have bought these transceivers for ourselves and for testing.

The first pass test results: Jim and I have are able to have almost perfect copy between our two home places that are about 12 miles apart. I am using a 6 ft dual band base vertical up at about 40 feet, hung off the side of the tower. Jim is using a vertical beam. Gary was able to receive us both with good pictures using his down converter.

The two frequencies that we purchased:

439.25 Cable Channel 60
434.00 Cable Channel 59
These were chosen to stay from the two channels used by Dallas and Ft. Worth (57,58)

We get about the same range, but with not as good a picture between his mobile installion and my base installation. The vertical here definitely shows a pattern bias, probably due to the tower installation.

Next step:

We plan on re-installing the base antenna here to get better height and clearance. There will also be an installation of lower loss coax (4XL-8). A new antenna (UVS-300 Dual Band Base) will also be installed here. This antenna will be mounted on the top of the mast. This will put it up about 10 feet higher. This antenna is 17 ft long instead of 6 foot, now giving a 11.7 gain over a 1/4 wave.

Also plan to repeating some of the same tests from the Dorm location.

If the results of further testing prove out the concept, a frequency will be selected and a transmitter will be ordered for the repeater site location.

Don Mathis KB5YAM 7/18/99

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