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Welcome to the DCARA transmitter hunt page.

Here you will find scheduled dates, rules and links to projects that you can build or purchase to aid in transmitter hunts.


Sunday, April 29, 2007 more info


  1. Transmitter hunts will be limited to Denton County.

  2. Before the start of each hunt, mileage to 1/10th of a mile will be recorded for each hunt vehicle. If your vehicle does not have a 10th digit, usage of the odometer will be based on the honor system. Shortest time wins. In the event of a tie, shortest mileage will break the tie.

  3. The start of each hunt day will be at the Denton Civic Center. If time permits for additional hunts, a common meeting point will be determined.

  4. Hunts will normally last for 2 hours. During the first hour, each vehicle will be on their own. After the second hour, teaming up will be permitted among those wanting to form teams. Each team is responsible for coordinating their own communications frequency. If everyone teams up together, using 146.92 is recommended but not required ( it gives more exposure to the event if there is traffic on 92).

  5. There is no limitation to the equipment that may be used, but doppler setups will be treated as a separate class of hunter. After the second hour, a doppler unit can be part of a team attempt.

  6. You MUST find the transmitter, not the person overseeing the unit (if they are even present).

Transmitter Setup:

The object you will be hunting for is self contained. The transmitter comprises of a 4.5 amp/hr battery, a Byonics PicCon kit, a 5 watt transmitter, and any type of antenna that the person setting up the transmitter desires. Sorry, a picture of the kit is not going to be published. We don't want to give away what the package looks like.


Google search for transmitter hunting

One possible active attenuator that can be assembled.

A second possible active attenuator that can be assembled.

See the article about some equipment used in our own club's hunt.

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