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The Club Call is W5NGUThe Club Call is

DCARA Echolink on W5NGU-R 444.050 pl 110.9

Commands and access to the Echolink Node may change without notice on the repeaters. Last updated: October 19, 2011.

The DCARA Echolink node is connected to the 444.050 repeater (pl 110.9). You can access other Echolink stations via DTMF commands if you know the node number or the callsign. A full list of available commands is listed below. More information can be found on Echolink at their web site. www.echolink.org.

To connect to a node: dial node number

To disconnect last node connected: #

To disconnect all connected nodes (if more than one connected): ##

To reconnect to last node dialed: 09

To check the status of the local node (connected, not connected): 08

Notes to users:

- The node has a 3 minute transmission timeout timer (both TX and RX), and a 10 minute idle connection timeout timer. If any of these timers are exceeded, the current connection will be automatically dropped.

- When using the node, be sure to pause at least 3 seconds between transmissions, and for at least one second between the time you key the microphone and when you begin speaking. This is to help avoid any issues related to latency in the EchoLink system.

- The W5NGU node is configured to only connect to, and accept connections from one other node at a time. If you would like to participate in a round robin with multiple other nodes, try having each node connect to one of the many conference servers available on the EchoLink system.

- The node's DTMF decoder, while software based, usually works fairly well. However, if you are having issues controlling the node, try altering the duration of and spacing between tones. Commands with individual tones of about a half second in duration, spaced with the same half second in between tones seem to be decoded best. You should hear an acknowledgement of your command or an error message from the node within about 3 seconds of the last tone being sent.

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