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Wanted: Elmer/Mentors willing to share your skills with new radio operators.

Do you LOVE amateur radio?

Sure you do or you wouldn't be here... Here is your chance to share that thing that gets you energized about HAM Radio with an operator wanting to learn those same skills.

What's in it for me?

How about a chance to see that smile and sparkle as a new operator starts to understand the concepts they have studied and gotten licensed to practice in our hobby. Growing the NEXT generation of operators that will be doing things the WAY YOU WERE taught.

What do I need to learn?

NOTHING, you don't need to study or do anything more than you already do with your radio. Just share your understanding of our hobby with someone willing to learn from YOU.

Growing our hobby is what we are all about and this is where it starts; at the GRASS ROOTS.

How can you participate?

Simply log in to HamClub online (www.hamclubonline.com) and go to View/Update your Skills.

Once there, you will see a list of Member Assignable Skills Available:.
Beside each of the skill names you see the word (add) or (remove)
Select the skill level accordingly.

Level I - Indicates an Interest or Emerging Skills
Level II - Indicates Intermediate Skill
Level III - Indicates a Mastery of this Skill.

It is our hope as Elmer/Mentor Coordinators to pair those wanting assistance learning with those that indicate they have a Level III or Level II in these skills.

We also wish to match these new operators with someone that lives close to them.

It's just that simple, then as we get new operators that are needing assistance we will begin pairing you up.

We won't pair you up with anyone without ASKING you first either. We definitely know that life can get busy and you may have other issues that would prevent you from participating. So you're welcome to take as many or as FEW as you want.

Since taking over as Elmer/Mentor Coordinators, Tod and myself have been answering many emails daily from new operators. As more new operators are trained there are more asking questions and eager to learn. So many questions, in fact, that there will be NO way we can keep up with them. This is where we are asking for your HELP.

HELP educate the next generation of radio operators by passing on your skills and knowledge.

Scott Boutwell, KG5RJR
Tod Farrell, WE5TR

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